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  • Interesting facts about 14 carat gold

    Gold, so many different carats and production methods and everything has a different price tag. More choice makes choosing harder! Here is a list of the advantages of 14 carat gold and also the reasons why we make our jewelry from 14 carat gold.
  • How you can enjoy your silver jewelry for a lifetime

    Silver 925 and sterling silver are terms you are probably familiar with, but what exactly do they mean? In addition, in this blog you will find answers to your questions about the care, maintenance, cleaning and the benefits of silver jewelry and whether our jewelry is suitable if you suffer from allergies.

    A super informative blog with all the do's & don'ts to ensure that you enjoy our jewelry for the rest of your life. Because yes, you can!

  • gift ideas

    How nice is it to get a little help choosing the perfect gift for your loved one? Yes, very nice! That is why we are happy to help you find the gift for her.
  • Publications

    Our handmade jewelry and Moesk. as a company in the spotlight. A sense of pride and recognition when we read these publications.
  • Tips & tricks when buying sustainable jewelry

    From how you can immediately order your right ring size to how you put together your perfect mix & match by buying your earrings individually. What Moesk. does from manufacturing jewelry in an environmentally friendly way to tips and tricks on how you can reduce your ecological footprint by making conscious and sustainable choices in your purchases.