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What makes our jewelry line sustainable?

We care about people, the environment and sustainability and apply this with attention in our production. The beads and ribbons that we use to make the jewelry come from grandma's craft closet. In addition, our packaging and presentation material is made from recycled paper and wooden toy blocks from the thrift store.

Our suppliers for gold and silver have signed the Responsible Gold Covenant. Companies and organizations that sign the Responsible Gold Covenant undertake to identify and combat abuses in the production chain. They are also committed to improvement by participating in projects. The main goal is that human rights and the environment are respected throughout the chain.

We are the designers, the makers and the girls you have direct contact with. This way you know 100% for sure where the jewelry comes from and that the jewelry has been produced in a fair way.


As you may have already read in one of our blogs, we also have our 'Stubborn'. This type of jewelry is the jewelry that deviates just a little too much from the current collection, but that are too beautiful to melt into something else. For example, they have a rod that is slightly too short or a triangle that is too small.

We cannot deliver this jewelry to our points of sale and that is why we collect them and occasionally sell them for a small price via Instagram or our webshop. We always try to think in sustainable solutions.