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Collection: 'Stubborn' Christmas present edition!

Now we have devised a spontaneous, fun Christmas edition in which we selected the most beautiful Stubborn Stubborns, which you don't even notice that they are Stubborn. We have already packed them nicely for you and send them by post for a fixed, round price. So ready to give!
Our Eigenwijsjes are jewelry that deviate just a little too much from the current collection, but that are too beautiful to merge. For example, they have a rod that is slightly too short or a triangle that is too small, sometimes there is a dent or a kink in it. Or they are samples that did not end up in the collection.

We cannot deliver these jewelry to our points of sale and therefore we occasionally collect and sell them for a small price via our webshop!

• Standard free shipping on all 'Eigenwijsjes' products and now also packed!
• Made of silver 925
• This product cannot be returned
• You're a superwoman if you give this jewelry a second chance!
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