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We care about people, the environment and sustainability and apply it with attention in our production. For our packaging and presentations we use natural and recycled materials. Our suppliers have joined the Gold Covenant, what means that the gold -and silver mining happens in a clean way. 

We are the designers, the makers and the girls with whom you have directly contact with. So you know 100% sure where the jewelry came from and that the jewelry were produced in a fair way.   

As you may have already read in one of our blogs, we also have our 'eigenwijsjes'. This kind of jewelry are the ones that differs a little too much from the ongoing collection, but that is too beautiful to merge into something else. For example, they have a slightly too short bar or a too small triangle.

We cannot deliver this jewelry to our selling points and that is why we collect it and sell it once in a while for a small price via Instagram or our webshop. We always try to think in sustainable solutions.